For a while I had this domain point at my static HTML site (which I’ve since removed). On there I had three pages describing some little applications I’d written for my own benefit that I thought I’d share. I now brought those posts over to here, but in case the Google cache still thinks the old site exists or that the sites are one and the same I’m getting searches pointing to pages on this site that don’t exist. So, in an effort to stop people (assuming they are people and not robots) getting frustrated here are the relevant pages:

There are updates to the Album Chooser here, here, and here, but all point to the same installation page.

I’ve also rewritten the Album Checker in WPF using Spring.NET to be able to configure the type of media file it checks (in my case music files or photos). Though this was purely a coding excerise so I don’t think I’ll be posting it any time soon.

One of the things I’m looking at now I’ve been made redundant is doing some free-lance work to supplement my income. I’ve set up a site to handle that at, which at the moment just consists of a work request form. So if you need anything developed pop over to that site and fill out the form – or leave a comment here if you like.

I’m also open to donations through PayPal, just click here:

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