One of the things I’m going to do with this blog is to present the history of RealiMation – as seen by me – over the 7½ years I worked on the product. There were never many of us working on it at any one time, I think the most was while we were our own company during 2000, but during that time we achieved a lot. I certainly enjoyed working on RealiMation with a fine bunch of developers, designers and sales people over the years. There were times when it wasn’t much fun, but they were thankfully few and far between.

26th May 2009 – I must apologise for the lack of progress on this. I will try to get another couple of articles posted over the next few weeks.

23rd June 2009 – Some progress has been made. The first three articles are up – start here. More will follow as might updates to the existing ones as I remember more things and ex colleagues remind me of others.

I’ve also uploaded the RealiMation Showcase – a program for demonstrating various tricks and techniques we’d developed over the years. A lot of what went into that was redeveloped in what was ultimately called mantra4D.

25th June 2009 – I’ve uploaded the RealiMation Technical Papers (as PDF files) we did around the same time as the Showcase.

13th January 2010 – I’ve uploaded the fourth part of my history of RealiMation. This finishes of the “Datapath years”. The next post (or two will be about the year we spent as an independent company – imaginatively called RealiMation – before we were swallowed up by Criterion Software and the long slow decline began. I’ve actually had this post ready to go for quite a while, I’ve just never got round to uploading it before now.

23rd September 2015 – I’ve uploaded the fifth part of the history of RealiMation taking us to December 2000. To be honest I can’t see me writing any more for a while.

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