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Sev – online cartoons and interactive VRML models

I have long been a fan of John Cook.  I first stumbled across his work back in 1995 or 1996 – I think I’d done a search for Star Trek Parodies.  I don’t contribute to the punchline competitions as much as I would like, but I usually find that any punchline I come up with has already been suggested.  But I still visit the site several times every week, so it’s kept my interest for over a decade which is a very long time on the web.

A while ago I converted a 3D model of his take on the original Enterprise and a couple of models from the movie he did to RealiMation format.  I’d originally wanted him to host them on his site instead of the very small and short movies he was using, but as that didn’t happen I uploaded them to my own (very primitive) site.  When RealiMation was shut down I converted them to VRML format and replaced the files on the site.  They’re over at my HTML site – I don’t think it’s worth bringing them over here, just yet.  They are:

You will need to install a VRML client to view the models.

At some point I might upload the RealiMation web plugin (assuming I can find it of course) so that anyone who is really interested can install it and see what’s been lost 😉

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