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County Council and Euro Elections – June 2009

I’ve got a terrible feeling about today voting. I think the combination of the traditional low turn out for these elections and the stupidity and greed of MPs at Westminster will mean that we’ll have a lot of English councils with BNP councillors and a lot of MEPs from parties that want to take us out of Europe.

Now I wouldn’t be here if the BNP had their way. My maternal grandfather was born in Cork and while my maternal grandmother was born in the UK her parents came over from Ireland. I’ve heard the BNP leader include the Irish when he lists who he’d like to think he represents – but in the past they’ve been vociferously anti-Irish and will be again if necessary. Given that the UK has been populated by various waves of immigration since the Stone Age I don’t see how anyone can claim to be a native Briton.

I won’t bother rehashing all the other arguments against the BNP – it’d just get me too annoyed.

As for the anti-European Union parties – who do they think they’re kidding? While we may be a (largish) island, we are geographically and economically part of Europe. We’ve never really “gone it alone” in the world in the past. There have always been alliances and partnerships with other countries. These have changed over the years and centuries depending upon circumstances, but they’ve always been there.

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