RealiMation Technical Papers

NOTE: These documents are from 1998 and reflect our thinking and API at that time. Things moved on quite quickly and these papers were never updated.

Thanks to Greg Whitfield I now have a complete set of the RealiMation technical papers. I present them here as a historical document without any further comment. The following is from the introductory page:

Designed to give an overview of RealiMation, these Technical Papers provide examples of how the VSG toolkit can be used to generate impressive 3D applications swiftly and easily.

There were source code samples and/or sample RealiBases for some of the papers, but I haven’t been able to track these down as yet. Anyway, here are the papers (in PDF format):

The astute amongst you will have noticed that paper #7 is missing from the list. That’s because it was a list of the reasons people gave for not buying the toolkit. While interesting (to us) it was felt to be too negative and never published.

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