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The Perils of Punditry

So, in an effort to revive this blog I was reading through some drafts of posts and half formed ideas to see if there was anything that was either already fit to publish or publishable with minimal work. There were three more chapters of my history of RealiMation so I polished the first one and published that (though it’ll probably be another year or more before I publish the last two).

Then I came across a half baked idea for a post about WPF which I’d started to write in 2010. There was nothing remarkable (or indeed publishable) about it but the last line I wrote jumped out at me:

Silverlight 4 and its ability to create full trust applications is another nail in WPF’s coffin.

Yeah, well, we all now know how that turned out don’t we.

The moral of this story? Don’t come to me for advice about which technology to use for your next project. With this level of foresight I’d probably suggest you wrote it in VB6 🙂

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