Application Updates

Following on from my previous post I’ve decided to upload what will in all probability be the final WinForms version of my Random Album Chooser. This incorporates one change I discussed in that post – namely the removal of the unnecessary text box:

First reworking of the user interface

Updated user interface

There are quite a lot of other changes in this version too. The full list is:

  • Fixed bug where buttons not re-enabled if the current album was picked again.
  • Fixed bug where application wasn’t minimized correctly.
  • Added option to automatically choose album on startup.
  • Eliminated UI flashing on minimize to taskbar and restore from taskbar.
  • Removed display of artist and album from UI – not needed as on cover art tooltip.

However, further changes such as overlaying the navigation buttons over the cover image require truly transparent buttons, something that’s only available in WPF. Now I’m not saying that I’m definitely going with that, but I do think the current UI is too “clunky” (for the want of a better term). I may even convert it to a full trust Silverlight 4 application, which will be an interesting exercise.

I’ve also updated my Random Album Playlist Generator. This has had a major functionality change in the application can now copy the playlist and music files to another location. This can be another folder on your hard drive or your music player. The full list of changes is:

  • Added progress indicator when creating shuffled playlist.
  • Can specify the total size of the files in the playlist.
  • Export playlist will copy the files in the playlist if the m3u file is saved somewhere other than the location of the music library.

Again, this will probably be the last WinForms version of this program. If I update it again I’ll also convert it to WPF.

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